Friday, April 16, 2010

Did you say "I can't"?

A sudden realization just struck me. Few months back I was observing a session on change management. There was an interesting exercise that the facilitator conducted. He asked everyone to write down 10 things that we felt we "can't do" on a chit of paper and asked us to list them in the order of difficulty i.e. starting from least difficult to most difficult. For instance, I had written "I can't drive", "I can't swim", "I can't play guitar" etc etc. After that he asked us to fold it multiple times such that it becomes a very tiny chit. He then asked us to hand over these chits to him. He said that since we have handed over our "I can'ts", now all those things that we said we could'nt do will become possible. Therefore, all those have been replaced by "I can'ts" cousin "I can"!!! Though I never took the exercise seriously and just treated it like a small fun game, recently I came to realize that I have been trying to learn the same things that I wrote I can't do!! I recently learnt driving and now I have my learning licence. I joined swimming classes and overcame my fear of drowning. I also joined guitar classes and bought a guitar!!!! I do not know what that small activity did to me but the order in which I have learnt these "I can'ts" coincide with what I had mentioned in the list!! And what a coincidence that I felt like learning all these within few days of doing that activity!!!
Would anyone want to guess what might have happened to me at a sub-conscious level?
Do post your comments. Also, if you have read this post, I suggest you seriously do this activity on yourself or your friends. Try tearing off the list or burning it. I'm very sure few days/months down the line you/your friends will start doing all those things that you thought you could never do! :)

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  1. Dear Manasa
    normally it works on the positive list.
    Good that the can't dos can also be dealt with in this way.
    Refer the book "psycho cybernetics " by Dr.Maxwell maltz and "feel the fear and do it anyway" by Dr.Susan Jeffers.