Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An activity on teamwork

In order to help team members listen to and appreciate each others' view points, a small activity can be conducted. Take a paper with some text printed on one side. Ask the members to form two groups and ask the teams to stand facing each other. Stand in between the teams, facing one group while your back is towards the other group. Hold the paper high and ask the team you are facing to tell everyone what they can see in your hand. They will say that they see a paper with something printed on it. You ask them "Are you sure"? They will say "yes, without doubt". Then ask the other group as to what they see. They will say that they see a blank paper. Ask them the same question "Are you sure"?. They will say "yes, without doubt". Now, debrief. Ask if any group is wrong. Obviously, everyone is right from the side that they are standing! This is what happens when we work in a team. Every member might see something different about the same task/job. However, each of us believe that only we are right while the other is wrong. So much learning can happen if we are willing to see from the other's perspective and learn something new from them.

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